Salam Alaik!

Ahlan + Wasahlan = Assalamualaikum...

Hey guys! Its been a long long long time since I haven't write anything nor update my entries. Hmz busy? Not really. Its just a word LAZY get stick with me. SPM? I dont know? Im not THAT ready but well,i'll look forward to it heh.

2 weeks holiday yay and next week is ramadan.And also,SPM is just around the corner.Hmz okay please stop mentioning that thingy im sick of it but yeah whatever it is,im gonna face it.Accept the reality,syabad. REALITY IS HURT.

I dont know what im going to write.Maybe just wishing those stalkers (hye there) SELAMAT MENYAMBUT RAMADAN AL-MUBARAK EVERYONE!MAY THIS RAMADAN MAKE US BETTER IN EACH ASPECT YEAY IM SO EXCITED LOL.

Guys,do pray for my excellence in every single thing i do. Actually,not excellence that i've been looking for,but a word RAHMAH and BARAKAH ALLAH that i should look for,right? I think,excellence does not came to me all this time is because im just hoping for excellence without rahmat Allah and thats why Allah didn't give his blessing.And now I know,in which everything im gonna do,seek for his blessing and start with bismillah. May Allah blessings with us.

Now,my dream all this time to become UROLOGIST or DOCTOR thingy,emm i thought that i shouldn't put my dream too high because I know,its hard for someone like me to keep hoping on something that I know,it is hard to achieve. Yeah you know (especially Mrs Liew and some friends) my addmath marks isn't that 'MEMBERANGSANGKAN' and yeah,you know.And my craziest towards KPOP is really hard to stop in which if I become a medicine student,it would effect more on my studies. So know, EMM REDHA jelah. Im just following the flow that Allah has set for me.And I know,my family is more towards islamic studies and I accept that.

Sooooooooooo Knowwwwwwwww hmz keep studying friends.Keep on du'a.Keep on praying.Have faith in ALLAH is the most important thing wokayh.Saranghaeyoooo <3 Wassalam.

Pssssttttt I miss my old-looking blog.Day Dream Blues~ Should I change it back? Hmz.

Everything Good Is From Allah SWT, Praise Only Him: Alhamdulillah :)

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