My First Time Being An Event Organizer.

Ahlan + Wasahlan = Assalamualaikum...

Hello, bloggers. Lamanya tak update waaaa rindu rindu rindu. And this time, I wanna talk about my first time experiencing of being an event organizer. What event? And how do you handle it as you're a student too? So, let me start my story.

Kisah ni baru je beberapa jam yang lepas ana lepaskan tugas dan bebanan ini. People say, "eleh, conduct an event is just an easy task. Just find the right place and the right time, there you go". Okay, I should be honest with myself that I also thought the same. As my mother is an active event organizer, she through so many event in her life and sometimes, the event also becoming a failure one.

So, the story started last monday (23/10/17). Our bahasa lecturer, pn Mahawa asked like 4 people to help her out. So, im being one of them. She wants us to call some hotel to asks for a hi-tea price for students, so Im just being excited. And ya know, pn Mahawa appointed me as the leader. That night, I reviewed some of nearest hotel and the next day, we called them out. You know, a hotel budget for a hi-tea event is around 55myr to 60myr. And we students, of course the price is a no-no for us. We surveyed and surveyed, till we reached out a hotel with a budget costs only 36myr per head. Ohmyyy so amazing lol.

The next day, again (wed), kitorang pergi hotel tu sendiri untuk berunding dengan one of the workers there. Alhamdulillah, we got like 30myr per head and the hall is so nice (i swear). The selection of food is good too and everything just perfect. We started to promote to each class dan untuk membuatkan semua orang pergi, kitorang MEWAJIBKAN each of them to join.

Hmz well, each planning doesnt mean to work as it planned. Most of the boys taknak join sebab katanya mahal ( well they didn't know how much we worked for the price to get it affordable) and some girls said that the selection of menu didnt suit their taste and they dont eat most of the menu ( hmz tell me are u a vege? why are you being so choosy?). I didnt blame them for not wanting to joined the program, but look at our efforts and time we spent to organized it. Kalau takde orang nak join, the program will be a huge mess and probably become a FAILURE one.

Alhamdulillah, most lectures are sporting. They backing us by saying 'herrr kenapa taknak join? Ada masalah ke? Rasanya elaun baru keluar kan? Kalau taknak join pegi jumpa KJ (ketua jabatan)!'

At last, most of them Alhamdulillah joinlah kan bila dah kena sebijik dengan lecturers muahahhahahah *gelak jahat*

So, we AMT (ahli majlis tertinggi) started to planned out everythings in details. Who's gonna be the emcee, du'a reciter, invitation card maker, pa system and so on.

Alhamdulillah, semua benda takde masalah. Sampai lah ke hari kejadian, pn Mahawa called me,

"Aisyah, buku program tak buat lagiiii. Pengangkutan macam mana?"

Ayoyo, lagi berapa jam je lagi untuk majlis tu, masih ada benda tak settled ke? Waaaaaa me and caca rushing la pegi buat buku program and called out bas ipg and so on. Alhamdulillah masih sempat siap.

And yeah, the program went on as we planned. Cumanya, pengarah pulak tak mai adoyaii pengarah said to us some days before that he doesnt have any planning that evening, so insya Allah he will make sure to drop off. But well, you know pengarah kan busy hurrrmmmmm.

So then, till here. I dont know why post kali ni macam bosan sikit. Maybe sebab dah 2 hari berlalu so it seems like the story has faded away from my mind harharhar sorry everyone. I will make sure my next posts will be another amazing story har but i dont know when. Till we meet again, wassalam.

Pssssssstttttttt Im missing my jannanickeu and makedem dekat taska nun huurrrrrr bila mau ketemu lagi :'(

Everything Good Is From Allah SWT, Praise Only Him: Alhamdulillah :)

Im Fine Here Dont Worry :')

Ahlan + Wasahlan = Assalamualaikum...

Waaaaaaaaa its seriously a very long time since my last updated. Do you miss me, dear blog? Hueeeeee i miss you so much hahahaha yeah we've never been apart since 2011 right so im kinda cheesy right now eheh :*

Well, how my live in IPG? Its getting better and better but yeah,you know how high expection did people from all universe talk about being an 'ustazah' and i think most people here are reaaaaalllllyyyyy 'solehah' compared to myself. Im not good ofc and i dont have enough 'islamic-edu-thingy' to compared with them. I dont know on how to talk about some 'akidah' or 'fiqh' or 'quran hadis' when people asked me. I am to 'jahil' bcs people here are realllllllyyyyy good Allahu.

Basically, when people are doing their presentation thingy, they are well educated (ahah well said *applause*). I AM AN AWKWARD POTATO YA KNOW i dont know on how to present well cause my shyness level is too extreme walaweyh what am i doing here?

Literally, to be a teacher, you must have a high confidence level (ofc) and a good speaking method which every students would listen to. And yeah, i dont have that. I loved to talk and talk and talk but my talk are all nonsense and rubbish. People claim that i am extrovert and love to communicate with others but literally, its just some nonsense talking. Well, an education speaking? I DONT HAVE THAT! 

Ya Allah,grant me a good talking method with full of 'ilmiah' and good things. Also, make myself doing good in presentation so I am not doing weird things infront of all people (I always does that believe me) and give strength to be a good 'ustazah' which everyone believes I can do so. Ya Allah, Amin. 

So,till here then. I talked to you guys some other time Insya Allah. Pray for me that I'll always keep on writing here (although there's no one is reading eheh). Its okay, this is like my diary and I am talking to myself. Wassalam :)

Everything Good Is From Allah SWT, Praise Only Him: Alhamdulillah :)

Alhamdulillah Im Grateful For Everything!

Ahlan + Wasahlan = Assalamualaikum.

Salam alaik gegirls and geguys! If you still remember my previous post,I've told you guys about my precious experience of me attending IPG interview. And are you curious about the result? Alhamdulillah I made it guysssss!!! And the date of registration is TOMORROW hah kau terkejut tak terkejut.

Everything is well prepared yeah so dont worry.

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And as usual,im addicted to Produce 101 Season 2. Walaupun pengakhirannya menyedihkan,tapi takpe I enjoyed the show. Samuel and Jonghyun didn't make it guys hmz T.T

So doakan semuanya berjalan lancar di sana. Oh lupa nak bagitau,saya dapat IPG Bangi huehuehue dekat gilos dengan rumah hahaha.

Wassalam :)

Everything Good Is From Allah SWT, Praise Only Him: Alhamdulillah :)